Our goal is to provide a learning environment that is fun, relaxing, and interesting, but also one that is
serious enough to allow the student to progress to the best of their ability.

We understand that each student is an individual and should progress at his/her own pace, and we make it a point to always encourage our students to ask questions and/or to request anything that they might want to learn.

We practice something we like to call ‘loose’ structure. We do this by providing a flexible lesson plan for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students. This plan provides goals for our teachers to reach with their students at any level, however it is ‘flexible’ because it does not have to be followed rigidly on a week to week basis. There are many ways to reach the goals that this plan sets out, and we realize that they will be met in completely different ways by each student. It is our job to help our students reach them in an enjoyable atmosphere and in a way that is relevant to each of them as an individual.